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The natural environment involves all residing and non-living things happening normally on World or some area thereof. It is an atmosphere that involves the connections of all residing types.The idea of the ecosystem can be recognized by components:
Complete environmental models that function as natural systems without massive human involvement, such as all plants, microorganisms, soil, rocks, environment, and natural phenomena that occur within their limitations.
Worldwide organic resources and physical phenomena that lack clear-cut limitations, such as air, water, and environment, as well as energy, rays, electric charge, and magnetism, not via individual activity. The ecosystem is compared with the built environment, which consists of the areas and components that are highly affected by people. A regional area is considered as a natural environment..

It is hard to discover definitely natural surroundings, and it is typical that the naturalness differs in a procession, from preferably 100% organic in one extreme to 0% organic in the other. More accurately, we can consider the different factors or elements of an atmosphere, and see that their level of naturalness is not consistent. If, for example, we take an farming area, and consider the mineralogic structure and the framework of its ground, we will see that whereas the first is quite similar to that of an secure woodlands ground, the framework is quite different.

Geological activity:

The Earth's crust area, or lithosphere, is the exterior strong surface area of the earth and is chemical and routinely different from actual layer. It has been produced mostly by igneous procedures in which magma cools and solidifies to form solid rock. Within the lithosphere can be found the layer which is warmed by the corrosion of radioactive components.

The layer though strong is in a state of rheic convection. This convection procedure causes the lithospheric plates to move, at the same time gradually. The producing procedure is known as plate tectonics. Volcanoes result primarily from the melting of subducted brown crust area content or of increasing layer at mid-ocean ridges and layer plumes.

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