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Youth for Seva(NGO) Ganesha Workshop

Lord Ganesha Symbolizes collective wisdom and wise people that​ we are, let us take a pledge to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a manner befitting our traditional way of living - THE ECO-FRIENDLY WAY! This way, we will never need to dump plaster-of-paris (PoP) made vigrahams into our lakes and harm our water bodies!

YFS invites you to a workshop on getting ourselves train ​ed to​ mak​e​ Ganesh Vigraham out of Clay.


Day/Date:Sat & Sun, 27th & 28th August 2016

Venue:Various locations (https://youthforseva.org/cities/hyderabad)

While we'll provide you with the impetus, you're most welcome to unleash the creative genius in you :) YFS ​aims​ reach out to several​ hundred​ ​ families this year and make them go the "Clay Ganesha" way. For this to happen, you will be mapped across Schools/Residential Complexes to ​ train several others​ and ​make ​them adopt this concept.

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