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D T Barki

MD:Noble Energy Solar Technologies Ltd (NEST)
Education:Electronics Engineering (1982)
College:KREC (Now NIT)
Place :Surathkal

SOLAR NEST, wins the prestigious ASHDEN awards 2005 also known as GREEN OSCAR. Hyderabad: Noble Energy Solar Technologies Ltd (NEST)is leading solar PV player in the small power lighting applications. NESTL mission is to address the lighting problems of remote rural regions, where kersoene is being used as the basic source of lighting in the dawn of 21st centuryt. Our only motto is providing the light to the really needy and the deprived section of the households world over. While 2 billion people world over have no access to electricity, over 100 million Indian families use smoky and hazardous kerosene for their lighting purpose. The question is that why people in the 21 st century should be deprived of modern lighting? But the fact remains that no one did bother to provide these people the basic and minimum lighting. Many found it impossible; some found it as not worth the business, and the rest said it is not their cup of tea!
Always there is brighter side to anything. Noble Energy Solar Technologies Ltd (NEST) shouldered the responsibility of providing clean, reliable and affordable solar lighting to these marginalized people among others on the planet. It has designed and developed the most simple and useful solar lamp, Aishwarya™ .NEST, under the stewardship of Mr.Barki is the market leader in selling solar lanterns, esp., AISHWARYA™ solar mini lantern brand in India.

D.T. BARKI, 46, has been in solar photovoltaics business for last 22 years. A B.Tech graduate in Electronics Engineering (1982), from KREC (Now NIT), Surathkal, India, he has acquired international reputation with solar PV technologies, through the successful implementation of solar projects (cells, modules and systems). He has toured all over the world (U.S.A, Japan, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom), to attend International & world conferences, workshops and business meets. He applies his scientific, technical and management expertise to all aspects of the challenge to implement sustainable energy services, especially, solar PV globally for the benefit of people and the planet. He has extensive knowledge in setting up of solar cell manufacturing and running them successfully. Mr.Barki has several shop floor contributions in inventing many defect analysis methods in the solar cell processing.

Mr. Barki is as good an HRD person as he is a solar energy specialist. This is evident from his best-seller management book titled “THE DRIVE”. He says, “If knowledgeable and informative person can be called as an intelligent manager, then computer is as much so! But the difference between the computer and man is the difference between the intelligence and wisdom. And intelligence is the subset of wisdom!

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