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Basara Situated on the banks of river Godavari, the Gnana Saraswathi Temple at Basara situated about 40 kms from Nizambad region head quarters and 70 Kms from Nirmal city of Adilabad region. Situated at a distance of 205 kms (approx) from Hyderabad, the Saraswati temple at Basara is one of the two popular Saraswati temples in India, the other being in Jammu & Kashmir. Legend has it that Sage Vyasa during his remain here used to carry everyday three handfuls of sand after a shower in Godavari and kept it at a position, which modified as the pictures of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali.

How ever, according to Brahmandapuranam, Adikavi Valmiki set up Saraswati and had written Ramayana here. There is a marble image of Valmiki and his samadhi near the temple. It is regarded that this temple is one of the three temples designed near the confluence of Manjira and Godavari waterways by Ashtrakutas. According to another approach ‘Bijialudu’ a Karnataka king, who decided the region of Nandagiri with Nanded as his capital in the sixth century, designed the temple at Basara. The picture of Lakshmi appears besides Goddess Saraswati in the sanctum sanctorum. Due to the use of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali, Basara is regarded as the residence of the heavenly trinity on the Financial institution of the River Godavari which is 40kms from Nizamabad on Adilabad district border.

Now a days there is heavy rush of pilgrims arriving to Basara to execute “Akshara abhyasam” for the kids. According to the legend Maharishi vyasa and his followers and sage Suka made the decision to negotiate down in a awesome and relaxing environment after the kurukshetra war. In the pursuit for the relaxing residence, he came to Dandaka woodlands and satisfied with comfort of the area chosen this position. After his ablutions in the river Godavari Maharishi Vyasa used to carry three fistful of sand and position it in three small plenty and created pictures Sarada, Laxmi, Gowri with his mystic power and later performed wishes.

This idol created of sand has its face smeared with turmeric. Consuming a little bit of this turmeric paste, it is considered, will improve someone’s wisdom and knowledge.

Many people, in fact, take their kids to Basara for “Akshara abhyasam” before commencing formal school education. Unique poojas and festivities are organised at the temple during Maha Sivarathri, starting 15 times before (Vasantha Panchami) and recurring 3 times after the event. Devi Navarathrulu is famous for ten days during Dasara. Since Maharishi Vyasa stayed in wishes, the position was then known as “Vasara” and transformed into Basara due to the impact of the Marathi language in the region.

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