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Bhadrachalam, a temple town in the state of Andhra Pradesh is a well known pilgrim center in South India. A elaborate place, where the grand Stream Godavari found twisting with its wide expand of sand, is regarded to be very sacred as the town is regarded to have been the level for many activities in the great impressive Ramayana.

This glowing city town with remarkable temples, encourages a huge number of enthusiasts throughout the year. This tribe village obtained its existing name from Bhadra, who was a great devotee of Lord Ram. A rather drowsy location, Bhadrachalam awakes to life at the fantastic event of Sri Ramanavami festivities when huge people collect here to observe the sacred marriage of Lord Ram and Sita.The grand Godavari Stream, which ties the town as a glimmering festoon contributes the relaxing and relaxing atmosphere of this ancient town.

This sacred river homes most of the sacred shrines of the town in and around its financial institutions. Apart from its sacredness this riverbanks are a perfect place for enjoying a pleasant walk.
A picturesque place whose elegance fascinates the tourists and the locals alike, a trip to Bhadrachalam makes a wonderful experience for everyone. The most interesting part of the picnic would be the alluring voyage through the magnificent Godavari in a motorboat. The eight-hour journey through the crystalline waters, which replicates the surrounding greenery coupled with the natural warmth of the frisky wind, makes the boating in this holy river enchanting and refreshing. The itinerant beaches of the stream make the sailing more vibrant. An instantaneously stay on the financial institutions of the stream in camp tents is really fascinating and is an added attraction of the boating.
A small hillock beside an spectacular stream, in the middle of luxurious plants, and gurgling sources this invisible value provides the breathtaking appeal of the nature as such.


Bhadrachalam, in the financial institutions of the Godavari Stream, is honored of the record that goes returning to the historical and legendary age groups. The sacred town of Bhadrachalam has been carefully associated with the sacred impressive – Ramayana. Tale has it that this was the position type where Ravana had kidnapped Sita.
The record of this town is associated completely by the activities of the Ramayan. It is said that this was the position where Bhadrachalam appears is the position where Ram surpassed the Godavari Stream during his pursuit to preserve Sita.

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