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Weekend at Nagarjuna Sagar

Nagarjuna Sagar is now more exciting than ever with a variety of water and adventure sports. Come unleash the adventurer in you. Nagarjuna Sagar, situated at a distance of 150 km from Hyderabad, is one of the most popular Buddhist facilities and eye-catching vacationer areas in Andhra Pradesh.Known in historical times as Vijayapuri, Nagarjunasagar requires its existing name from Nagarjuna, one of the most recognized Buddhist priests, who controlled the sangha for nearly 60 years around the convert of the 2nd century AD. It is also a position of tremendous historical importance & excavations which expose Nagarjunasagar as a middle for the reproduction of Buddhist teachings in South India.

One of the early river valley civilizations took birth here. Encouraged by the relaxing environments of this position, Buddhists created this area an excellent hub of studying, establishing up one of the four significant Viharas here. Further down in record, one of the first Hindu kingdoms of Southern India, Ikshvakus created this city their capital. Once Vijayapuri, today Nagarjunasagar, this hoary area of antiquity and enligtment, now features of the tallest masonry dam.


Nagarjuna dam, which was finished in 1966, is 124 meters high and 1 km lengthy has 26 crest gateways. The river, which it straddles, is the third biggest man made pond in the world. 4 kms away from the dam, is the Perspective, where a spectacular perspective of the awesome scenery, is simply a feast to the eyes. One of the earliest hydro-electric tasks of India, the Nagarjunasagar Dam is a icon of recent India's structural and technical triumphs over characteristics. The artifacts of Buddhist civilisation since the 3rd Century A.D were excavated here. The excavated continues to be of the Buddhist society have been rebuilt and are properly maintained at Nagarjunakonda, a exclusive Isle art gallery, located in the middle of the man-made Nagarjunasagar lake. Designed In the form of a Buddhist Vihara, the art gallery homes a fantastic selection of artifacts of Buddhist art and culture. Popular artifacts consist of a little teeth and an ear-ring considered to be of the Buddha. The primary stupa of Nagarjunakonda known as Mahachaitya is considered to contain the holy artifacts of lhe Buddha. A partially damaged monolithic sculpture of the Buddha, that's at once a striking-image of serenity and poise, is the center of attraction at the museum.

The monasteries and chaityas were rebuilt on top of a mountain known as Nagarjunakonda (konda is the Telugu term for hill), which increases from the center of the river. The island requires its name from the Buddhist monk, Nagarjuna, who resided around the convert of the 2nd century AD and was the exponent of the viewpoint of sunyata (void). Sculptures, friezes, silver coins and jewelry discovered at the website are located in a art gallery on the isle and provides a amazing understanding into the lifestyles of this historical Buddhist center. Previously it used to be known as Vijayapur. The website was discovered in 1926. Following excavations, particularly in the '50s and '60s, have uncovered the continues to be of stupas, viharas, chaityas and mandapams.

Ethipothala WaterFalls:

Ethipothala is a mountain stream cascading down the hills from a height of 21.3 meters into a lagoon. This fountain is a mixture of three sources namely Chandravanka Vagu, Nakkala Vagu & Tummala Vagu.

The stunning lagoon established by the drops has a crocodile-breeding center. After streaming for 3 km, this flow connects with the river Krishna. Ranganadha and Dattatreya temples are discovered near the waterfalls. People believe that the caves near the waterfalls go to Srisailam.
Situated a few kilometers away from the Nagarjunasagar dam, Anupu is a website of Buddhist excavations rebuilt to excellence with thoughtful attempt. During the development of Nagarjunasagar dam, the remains of an historical Buddhist school were excavated. These have been rebuilt at Anupu, 4 km away from the right financial institution of the tank. A position of excellent structural attention with trustworthy renovation of a third century Vihara (Buddhist University) and an amphitheatre with fine acoustics that can transport you to an era lost in the pages of time.

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