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About CDS: (CDS is a division of hellohyd.com)
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About CDS: About Hello Hyderabad :

hellohyd.com - connecting & informing Hyderabadi's worldwide

hellohyd.com is part of a portal of sites about Hyderabad, India. It is not just for Hyderabadi's in Hyderabad but all Hyderabadi's around the world and people associated or connected or those who want to get connected or interested to know more and want to travel to Hyderabad.

It is aimed at providing a gateway to the best, relevant, easy to access & use information about Hyderabad. This includes - tourist places, historic sites, news, history, hotels, restaurants, movies, festivals, events, shopping, health & fitness, yoga, art, culture, deals, yellow pages, real estate, jewelry, pearls, bangles, ATMs, clubs, parks, eSeva centers, etc. Travel info including Train/Rail, Buses & Airlines is also included along with maps as well as weather details. Contact information for essential services is also included and should be very helpful to users. Links to recepies like hyderabadi biryani, haleem are also included along with video clips for several of them.

This portal of sites include –

HyderabadTalent.com – This site is focuses on the development & effective harnessing of Human resources in Hyderabad, by effectively matching talented individuals & teams with opportunities. Information about major job portals, companies, educational institutions and colleges in & around Hyderabad, placement agencies, job interview tips, etc are provided.

HyderabadParents.com – This site is focuses on information for parents, children, teachers and various services associated with them. This includes guidelines for internet safety, general child safety guidelines. List of schools, colleges, tutors, educational as well as entertainment & hobby classes including dance, music, painting promoting arts & culture are also provided.

CyberabadRealty.com – Real Estate portal concerned with all real estate related dealings in & around Hyderabad i.e. Cyberabad. It could be buying, selling or leasing/renting – agricultural land, houses, villas, plots, shops, offices, etc. Vastu details, information for NRIs, Legal documents, lists of real estate Builders, Agents & Consultants, links to government as well as other agencies associated with real estate are also included.

We are open to interested businesses to align and advertize with us.

An important aspect of the site is promote unity and networking among dil se Hyderabadi's around the world to work towards the development in and around Hyderabad.

HelloHyderabad.org is the social service division of our portal focuses on connecting & promoting social service organizations & activities in & around Hyderabad. Please share any service activities you come across with us. We are working on alliances with non for profits to promote various causes including blood, eye, organ donation, AIDS awareness, vaccination for kids, health & fitness, etc. We look forward to your participation in our initiatives.
The latest social media tools & technologies are being included to enhance and create an engaging & interactive user experience for visitors of the portal.
Please feel free to contact us with suggestions. contactus@hellohyd.com