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The Buddha Statue is the world’s largest single-stone statue of Buddha, which is made of a white granite rock. It is 22 metres (72 feet) in height and 450 tonnes (4,50,000 kilograms) in weight. It is located in the center of the lake on the rock of Gibraltar in the tranquil waters of the Hussain Sagar Lake. It was a contribution of the Buddha Poornima Project held in the year 1985. The statue was carved by 200 artisans for more than two years. The statue has been shipped to Hyderabad in November 1988, after some initial troubles, the Buddha statue was raised up on 12 April 1992. The atmosphere ponders peace and perseverance. A visit to the Buddha statue by boat would be an unforgettable experience.

The Buddha Statue in Hussain sagar is the largest monolith statue of Gautam Buddha in the country. It was carved out of a single granite rock by 40 sculptors under the guidance of Ganapati Stapathi. It was transported on a massive carriage with 192 wheels over a distance of 60 Kms., and installed here in December, 1992. Four people, including a engineer died when they were transporting the statue on a barge, which unfortunately lost balance and fell in to the water.
Height 17 meters
Weight 320 tonnes

The statue found its place of fame in the middle of the Hussain Sagar Lake on the Gibraltar Rock.

Gautam Buddha Statue is located in the middle of the Hussain Sagar Lake and stands on what is known as the Rock of Gibraltar. The statue is 19m in height and weighs more than 400 tonnes and is world's largest single stone statue of the Buddha. The statue took 200 sculptors and 2 years to complete. Two beautifully decorated floating decks shuttle between the statue and the Lumbini Park several times every day.

CITY BUSES 5, 6, 8, 20, 113, 190
Boating in Hussain Sagar Rs. 30 (adults), Rs.20/- (child)

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