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n 1987, two management graduates from India's premier management school, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad left their lucrative careers in multinationals to start a seed multiplying firm called TM Inputs. At that time TM stood for T Muralidharan and TM Lakadawala. TMI started its operations in Hyderabad in September 1987, with a modest investment of US $ 1,200 (Rs 50,000) just sufficient to buy a PC-XT computer in a garage, shared with a small book-lending library. By 1991, the seed business went to seed, but not before planting two new business ventures - a recruitment agency and an advertising outfit - from scratch, with more hopes than capital.

Today it stands for Talent Management International for Indian Professionals in India and overseas. TMI Network is among the top 10 recruitment/search firms in India with branches all over India.

Mr.Muralidharan's main area of work is career planning. He is actively involved in top and senior level recruitment of professionals in leading industrial houses in India and MNCs like Pepsi, Castrol, Citicorp, Tata group, Henkel, Nagarjuna Group, Somany Group, Wrigley’s, Ford, ConAgra, BPL, Godrej, GE Group, Oracle, Novell, Motorola, Wipro Group, Hughes Software, HCL, Metamor, IBM KPMG and Dupont. He is also responsible for conceptualising India’s first Internet based IT career magazine, Prior to setting up TMI, Mr. Muralidharan had worked in NOCIL (a Shell Joint Venture in India). He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai with high academic honours and subsequently acquired an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Last Updated on : 14-May-2013

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