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Ramoji Rao

He is an entrepreneur who has set standards in the print, television and the film industry. This media baron has also left a mark in the Chit Fund Industry through his Margadarshi Chit Fund. Well who can forget his very old 'Priya Pickles' which is still in everyone's lips even till this day. But it is his venture into the media that has made him one of the most powerful persons in the state and indeed he has got an empire like that of Rupert Murdock in this part of the World.


It was in 1974, that he started EENADU, a Telugu Daily from Vishakapatnam.It was an instant success followed by many editions of the Newspaper in different places .Later he diversified his group into food products, hotels, financial services, advertising, handicrafts etc. RamojiRao entered the filed of film production in 1983 by establishing Usha Kiron Movies.He produced films like Pratighatana,Mayuri and Sitara which were super hits.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City ,25 km off Hyderabad set up by this Media baron is one of its kind in the entire Asian Region which boasts of state of the art facilities for any kind of film making. It is said that any one from anywhere can just get into this film city with almost nothing except production money and can come out with a World class film. Such has been the acclaim of this Film City that a couple of Hollywood Films are already lined up to be shot here. Is Hollywood shifting to Hyderabad ?.Of course Bollywood & Tollywood already has. Till Mr Ramoji Rao again wands his stick around , one never knows whats in store. For our Rupert Murdoch of Hyderabad even Hollywood doesn't seem to be far behind.

Last Updated on : 14-May-2013

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