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Diana Hayden

Diana Hayden is a model.She was born on May 1, 1973. She is a Miss India runner up from Hyderabad, India. Hayden is of Anglo-Indian descent. As a teenager, she was a tomboy, tall and gangly. She went to St.Anns High School, Secunderabad but dropped out in the 8th standard to take family responsibilities. Diana continued her studies through open schooling and correspondence and graduated from Osmania University in English. Before modeling, she used to work for an Event management company called Encore. She then worked as a Public relations officer at BMG Crescendo.She tried for Miss India and won the contest. After winning Miss India she proceeded to win the coveted Miss World title. Armed with a degree in Shakespearean Drama from London, Diana kicked off her Bollywood career with Kha lid Mohamed's Tehzeeb in 2003. But her first big venture was Ab Bas last year. A film on a woman who could not take any more of a stifling relationship in her stride. her other films include Othello: A South African Tale (2006) as Emilia, Adaa ­- Will Kill U (2006) and All Alone (2006) Why is she famous? Diana became famous at the age of 24 after winning the 1997 Miss World pageant. She became the third Indian woman to win the Miss World pageant. She is also famous for being the host of The History Channel's Biography series where she divulges interesting anecdotes about Hitler, Gandhi, Arafat, Castro, Putin and Tom Hanks, etc.

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