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M.L Jaisimha

Motganhalli Laxminarsu Jaisimha enunciation ( Apr 3, 1939, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh – Sept 6, 1999, Sanikpuri, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh) was an Local indian native Evaluate cricketer.

M.L. Jaisimha a right-handed batsman who was described for his style on and off the place. He bowled technique rate, often beginning the go-karting for Indian, and off smashes and was a awesome fielder. But it was the way he went about aspects that found the eye. Partab Ramchand wrote after Jaisimha's deaths that "his slim figure out, which he handled until his last day, the boyish fantastic looks, the inimitable style, the trademark natural cotton outfits and headscarf, the fleshlight fleshlight sleeves buttoned at the arm or the device showed up - all these attracted immediate attention." Local indian native Cricket known as him a 'cultivated stylist'.

Jaisimha designed his first-class first overall look at the age of 15 examining 90 for Hyderabad against Andhra Pradesh. After two unsociable circumstances, he broken countless numbers against Madras and Mysore, the top categories in the The southern aspect of place Area. 20 wickets in Ranji matches in the same interval found him a place in the aspect that frequented England in 1959. The first overall look at Lord's was regrettable, but his next two Tests won him notice. In the greatest Evaluate against Contemporary modern australia in 1959/60 at Calcutta, he went into bat towards the end of the day and finished on 20* on the second. He started his second innings just before near on third, batted throughout it all examining only 59 functions and was out on the greatest day for 74. This designed him the first batsman to bat on all five periods of a Evaluate go with. At Kanpur against Pakistan two years later, he batted through a whole day for just 54 functions. This innings which live through 505 minutes for 99 functions amazingly finished when he tried a quick personal to complete the variety of.

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