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Udaya Bhanu

Born :August 5 th, 1973
Place:Sultanabad, Karimnagar
Occupations :Actress, host, television presenter, performer
Years active1994 - present
Nationality :Indian

Udaya Bhanu (born on aug 5 th, 1973) is an Indian presenter and film actress. She made her profession first appearance at age 15, starting to perform as a tv presenter in Telugu channels. Since, she has evolved as one of the most popular and successful Telugu television personalities.She has also showed up in several Telugu and Kannada movies.

Early life

Udhaya Bhanu was born in Sultanabad, Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India in 1973. Her dad S. K. Patel was a physician, her mom Aruna is an Ayurvedic physician. She has one brother, Lenin, who performs as a software engineer. Her dad also worked as a poet; Udhaya Bhanu was known as after his pen name. He passed away when Udaya Bhanu was four years of age. Udhaya Bhanu studied in Vikarabad until her Tenth class and went on to pursue an MA degree in literature. She went to USA for an flying event that is broadcasted by Gemini TV.


She is the of numerous popular Telugu TV shows. Currently, she is hosting six shows on six channels. She became the highest paid host in Telugu television industry. She began performing at 15 years of age with Horlicks Hrudayanjali. She followed it up with reveals like Once More Please co-anchoring with Venu Madhav, Saahasam Cheyara Dimbhakaa, Jaanavule Nerajaanavule, Nee Illu Bangaram Kaanu, Dhee, Rela Re Rela and many others. She made her performing first appearance in R. Narayana Murthy's Erra Sainyam (1990), when she was learning in 10th class.

She appeared in few more Telugu movies, such as Kondaveeti Simhasanam (2002), Khaidi Bros (2002) and Shravana Maasam (2005). She also played lead roles in a couple of Kannada films and has acted in an unreleased Tamil film by R. V. Udaya Kumar. She performed item numbers in threeTelugu film Aapada Mokkula Vadu (2008), Leader (2010) and Julai (2012). She also hosted many audio launches,movie award functions.

Personal life

In 2004, Udaya Bhanu claimed that her mom and her close family members abused and tortured her physically and mentally. She claimed that they wanted her to convert to Islam and that she was forcibly married to a Muslim named Mohammed Fasiullah Khan in 1999. At a press meet, she claimed that her family's torture led to her attempting suicide in 2002. She said: "My mother, Dr. Aruna, has scant regard for me as a human being. She drove me to suicide and I've had dreadful encounters with her in the past".[16] She later got a divorce and remarried her longtime friend Vijay Kumar at an Arya Samaj Temple in October 2004. She later admitted that make the issue public was the biggest mistake she did in her life. She stated: "I am ashamed of washing the dirty linen in the public. These issues should be sorted out in the family instead of going to the public. Now everything is fine".

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