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Muhammad Bahadur Khan, Bahadur Yar Jung, hailed from an ancient Afghan family and his ancestors migrated to India during the Mughal rule. The family settled down in the Pargana of Bora Bast in Jaipur State.

Muhammad Daulat Khan was a pioneer. He with his three sons, namely Muhammad Naseeb Khan, Muhammad Mandoor Khan and Muhammad Bahadur Khan, moved to Deccan during the reign of Nawab Sikander Jah (1803-1829). For the services he rendered to the Asaf Jahi dynasty, Nasir—ud—Daula (1829-1857) personally decorated Nawab Naseeb Khan with qilat, sarpech , titles and granted him the Jagir of Kandoor and Akatpalli besides a thousand cavalry, two thousand Mansab for the maintenance of the troops. Nawab Naseeb Khan died in 1856 s’rvived by his only son Nawab Daulat Khan. During the minority of Daulat Khan, his uncle Mandoor Khan managed the estate. After the death of Mandoor Khan in 1867, Daulat Khan became head of the family.

He was a model to the nobles of his time. Daulat Khan died in 1905, survived by four daughters and one son, Muhammad Naseeb Khan who inherited the property, titles and honours. In 1906 he became Naseeb Yar Jung and died in 1923. He had three sons, Muhammad Bahadur Khan, Muhammad Mandoor Khan, and Muhammad Daulat Khan. I3ahadur Yar Jung was born on 5th March, 1905 at Hyderabad. He lost his mother at an early age and was brought up by his grandmother.

His original name was Sadi Khan but he was popularly known as Bahadur Khan. His father Nawab Naseeb Yar Jung was a well—known Jagirdar of Hyderabad. Bahadur Yar Jung received his early education in Dar ul-Uloom and then at Madrasa-i-Aliya. He learnt English, Urdu, Persian and Arabic during his school days. Bahadur Yar Jung was a great orator and worked for the communal harmony in the city.

He was closely associated with Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen and one of its founder members. He was the elected representative of the Jagirdars in the Hyderabad Legislative Council. Bahadur Yar Jung travelled far and wide and was one of the most respected leaders of the Muslims in Hyderabad. He died on 25th June, 1944.

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