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Nawab Safdar Jung Fakhr-ul-MuIk Bahadur was one of the leading nobles of the State. His family rendered meritorious services in the Deccan. His ancestors originally belonged to the District of Toos in Persia. They were men of great learning and piety and were the hereditary guardians of the famous shrine of Saint Imam Raza.

Nawab Fakhr-ul-Mulk was born on 4th August, 1860 and received his education under eminent tutors of Persian, Arabic, Urdu and English. He was a keen sportsman and Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, Nizam VI, treated him as a close friend and took him to the Delhi Durbar of 1877 and later to Calcutta in 1884. Nawab Saheb was a member of Council of Regency during the minority of Nizam VI.

He also served as the Minister of Police and Judicial Department. In recognition of his meritorious services Nizam VI conferred on him the title of “Wazir” and his office designation was WazirW o-Moin-ul-M uham Adalat-Wo-Umoor-Amal”. Fakhr-ul-M ulk also served as a member of the Cabinet Council of the Nizam’s Government and Vice-- President of the Executive Council. He was in charge of the Court of Ward. Fakhr-ul-MuIk’s palace “Irram Manzil” was completeçl in 1896.

It was a city within a city spread over 400 acres with 150 rooms, a fullsize polo ground. a pond for boating and a private forest. In the time of the Nizams, the nobility considered themselves to he the reflection of the monarch and vied with each other to build fairy--tale palaces each more beautiful than the others. He had four sons, Nawab Fakhr Jung Bahadur, Nawab Rais Jung l3ahadur, Nawab Rais Yar .Jung I3ahadur and Shah Nawaz .Jung.

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