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S. Narayan Reddy

He was popularly known as S.N. Reddv, and was born at Wanaparthy on 14th August, 1895. Received his early education in Hyderabad and went to Poona for higher studies. Narayan Reddy passed his Intermediate examination from the Deccan College, Poona and then he went to England in 1919 for higher studies. Graduated in 1923 and at the same time studied Law and received his degree in 1924. From his early life he had a fancy for police service. He joined Wakefield. the headquarters of the Constabulary of the West Riding in Yorkshire. At Wakefield he mastered the intricacies of the card-indexing system and went back to London and took training in the various departments of police. He also received his training at Scotland Yard. After going through the strenuous course in various branches of police, he returned to 1-lyderabad in 1925. The Nizam’s Government appointed him to the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police. Subsequently Narayan Reddy became the Commissioner of Police. With his wide experience he took several measures to improve the police department in Hyderabad. After his retirement Narayan Reddy was employed by Nizam VII in Sarf-e-khas and he enjoyed the confidence of the Nizam.

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