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Narsing Girji Bahadur

Raja Narsing Girji Bahadur was one of the leading nobles of Hyderabad, belonging to the highly meritorious order of 1)asnam Gosais who were the followers of the great Sankaracharya. The ancestors of the family migrated in 1801 from Gandhari (North India). Raja Narsing Girji Bahadur succeeded to the large estate and business of his spiritual father. He was the owner of a mill Narsing Girji Mill at Sholapur, the Watson Hotel at Bombay, later known as the Narsing Girji Mansion.

The Raja was a man of great business acumen and princely charities. He donated large sums of money to Victoria Memorial, and Edward Memorial and for the Narsing Girji Ward at Lady Dufferin Hospital at Sholapur. In 1910, he was elected as a member of the Royal Society (London) for his encouragement of arts, manufacture and commerce. He was a member of the H derahad Municipality and also of the Legislative Council of the Nizam’s Government. He adopted as disciples two boys namely Partap Girji and Dhan Raj Girji. Raja Bahadur Narsing Girji died in 1923 and was succeeded by Raja Dhan Raj Girji who was one of the well known nobles of Hyderabad

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