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Nizamath Jung Bahadur

Nizamuddin Ahmed, Sir Nizamath Jung Bahadur, C.I.E., O.B.E., M.A., LL.B. (Central) was born in April, 1871. His father, Nawab Rafath Jung Bahadur, was the subedar of Warangal. Sir Nizamath Jung’s forefathers came from Arabia during the reign of the first Nizam. Nawab Nizamath Jung was educated at the Madrasa-i-Aizza and later proceeded to England on Nizam’s Government scholarship in 1887 for higher education. Joined Trinity College, Cambridge and took the degrees of B.A., LLB. in 1891. Subsequently he became Barrister-at-Law, being called to the Bar from the Inner Temple in 1895 during his second visit to England. After his return to Hyderabad in February, 1896, he enrolled as an Advocate of the Madras High Court. In 1897, he was appointed as the District Judge of Parbhani, and then he was made the Registrar of High Court. In 1899, he was appointed as the Chief City Magistrate. In 1901 he was appointed as the Home Secretary and subsequently as the Political Secretary. He also served as a judge of the High Court for ten years and as the Chief Justice for about two years, 1916-1918. After his retirement in 1919, Sir Niiarnath Jung was appointed as the Political Minister when the Executive Council was inaugurated. Sir Nizarnath Jung took a keen interest in advancement of social and educational matters. He was an accomplished scholar. He was a poet and one of his poems “India to England” was published in London Times in 1914. and attracted attention all over the English speaking world and was reproduced in many periodicals. In 1918, some of his sonnets were published in London by Erskina Macdonald & Co. Sir Nizamath Jung translated some of Nizam Vii’s Persian poetry into English. He was closely associated with the progress of the Osmania University. His library was well known and still exists as Sir Nizamath Jung’s library. The present Ritz Hotel building was constructed by Sir Nizamath Jung. He was one of the most highly respected men in Hyderabad society for his uprightness and unassuming nature.

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