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Rai Murlidhar Bahadur

One of the most famous and efficient Hindu officials of the Hvderabad State was Rai Murlidhar, Raja Fateh Nawazwant Bahadur. He was the son of R,i Mannu LaI who was an Executive Engineer on the Ganges Canal works. Rai MLlrlidhar joined the Niiam’s services as an attache in the Revenue Department with the rank of assistant talukdar.

In 1878 he was sent out to the districts but later he was called hack to the headquarters and appointed Assistant Secretary to the Revenue Board. In 1883 he was made a first talukdar. His record of service as the subedar of Aurangabad, Bidar and Warangal divisions was such that on his retirement he was appointed by the Niiam to the Sarf—c—Khas Department which suffered from mala dministration.

His handling of the affairs of the department was so remarkable that the Nizam raised him to the status of a minister on a monthly salary of Rs. 2000 besides a pension of Rs. 1000. His devotion to duty was proverbial. By his behaviour he exemplified his views on HinduM uslim unity and for this reason he was held in great esteem by the people of both communities. He died in 1921.

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