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Raja Venkat Ram Reddy

Raja Venkat Rama Reddy was born at Rayanpet in the Wanaparthi Samasthan in 1869. He lost his parents at an early age and was brought up by his grandmother at Wanaparthi. The Raja joined police service in 1887 as Amin. Later as Superintendent of Police he served at Lingsugur, Gulbarga, Nizamabad, Aurangabad and Warangal. His services were lent to the Raja of Wanaparthi as a special administrative officer of the Samasthan. His good work in the district attracted the attention of Imad Jung Bahadur who brought him to Hyderabad as Assistant to the Commissioner of Police. After the death of Imad Jung Bahadur, the Nizam appointed the Raja as the Kotwal (Commissioner of Police).

In Hyderabad the Raja served under A.C. 1-lankin who was the Director General of Police for nearly 22 years. Raja Bahadur enjoyed reputation as a good administrator and mediator. The Raja was responsible br starting a hostel for the Reddy boys in I-f yderabad, now known as Reddy Hostel. He was a member of the Legislative Council and took a keen interest in social work. Raja Bahadur retired from the post of Commissioner of Police in 1934. The Nizarn appointed him as Special Officer of “Sarf-e-Khas”. His personal contacts with all classes of people made him popular in all circles.

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