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Saif Nawaz Jung Bahadur

One of the ancestors of Nawab Sail Nawaz Jung, Shamsheer-udD aula Jan Baz Jung Omer bin Ewaz,came to Hyderabad during the reign of Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah Ii. He was appointed as the Jamedar of 100 Arabs. During the Ministry of Raja Chandulal the number of Arabs under him was increased to 500.

This Arab chieftain’s family and that of the Nizams kept cordial relations with each other. The family originally belonged to Mokalla (Arabia) and was styled His Highness and entitled to a salute and had direct treaty relations with the British Government. Sultan Saleh bin Ghalib Alagaty Nawab Saif Nawaz Jung was a scholar and knew English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu. He used to reside in his palace known as “Sail Gulshan” which still exists in Asifnagar. His library was well known in Hyderabad.

Nawab Sail Nawaz Jung was interested in architecture and this is evident from the construction of his palace. He also took a keen interest in education at Hyderabad. He travelled throughout India and abroad. He patronised various societies and educational institutions in the city. When he visited Egypt the famous aristocratic society known as Al Rabia Shargiya gave him a memorable reception. Sail Nawaz Jung left India in 1944 to settle down in Mokalla.

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