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Shivraj Dharamwant Bahadur

The illustrious family of this noted banker and jagirdar of Hyderabad is directly connected by blood to Raja Raghunath, the grand Vazir of Delhi during Aurangzeb’s reign. Raja Rajman Raja Shivraj Dharmwant Bahadur,b orn in 1847, was, like his ancestors, a very talented man. He knew English and was a scholar in and Sanskrit. His father gave him a good training in Government administration and in a short time he acquired remarkable proficiency. He introduced both revenue and judicial reforms. His rare qualities were much appreciated by Nawab Salar Jung Bahadur I in durbars and in private letters to the Raja’s father.

In 1883 the sanad of Qanunji was granted to him in perpetuity. The title of Raja-iR ajman and Dharmwant was conferred on him in 1915. A pearl necklace and a sarpech were also presented to him by the Nizam. Besides being the head of the Daftar-e-Mal he was the Sheristadar of Mansabs, Jamiath of Dewani Ilaqa and “Ashan” of Sarf-e-Khas.

Whenever the princes of British India and foreign dignitaries visited Hyderabad it was his hereditary privilege to receive and entertain them on behalf of the Nizam. The Raja took a keen interest in educational matters. To commemOrate the installation of His Highness Nizam VII, he started a school at his own expense in one of his jagir towns. He instituted many scholarships for the poor and deserving students at several places. He gave unhesitating support to public causes such as starting of hospitals and relief funds. He died in 1926 survived by Raja Inder Karan, Raja Dharam Karan and Raja Mahboob Karan.

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