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Tyaba Baquar Ali Khan

Tyaba Begum the author’s mother, is the daughter of the late Major Muhammad Au Mirza who served ‘n the Imperial Service Lancers, Hyderabad. Major Mirza died in Egypt in 1914 during the first world war. At that time Tyaba Begum was hardly seven years old. She was brought up under the care of her mother and received her basic education at home. Later she joined Mahboobia Girls School.

In 1930 she married Mr. Baquar All Khan who was a lecturer in the City College and also a tutor of English to Sir Maharaja Kishen Pershad, the Prime Minister of Hyderabad. Baquar Au Khan later joined the Education Department and retired as its Joint Secretary. In the forties women’s education in Hyderabad was much behind times. Most Muslim women observed ‘Purdah’ and it was considered undignified for women to work in Government offices or even to earn their own livelihood.

In 1940 Tyaba Baquar Ali Khan joined the Cooperative Department and subsequently started the first Arts & Crafts School in Hyderabad for women and in this venture she received all encouragement from Sir Akbar Hydri. In a short period the school became very popular and its branches were opened in Aurangabad, Warangal and Nizamabad.

Thus Tyaba Begum became the pioneer of women’s education in Hyderabad, particularly in the teaching of Arts & Crafts. She also started the first Domestic Science College in the City and became its first Principal. Arts & Crafts Education not only helped the women of Hyderabad to manage their homec better but also enabled them to secure jobs. Tyaba Baquar Ali Khan retired from government service in 1965.

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