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How to Handle Clay Ganesha

The clay Ganesh idols are completely biodegradable. These idols are sun dried and are not baked. Clay that is not baked dissolves completely in water and can quickly enter back into the ecosystem as it does not lose its original properties.

However, this also means that our idols are fragile and need to be handled delicately.

Fear not! Our idols have stayed with us safely for years and if you handle your idol with the care and love it deserves it need not suffer any damage at all. Here are some tips...

  • To lift the idol place one hand on the crown portion and the other under the base.
  • Never lift the idol by any of its limbs.
  • When transporting it make sure that it always has a back rest behind it.
  • When packaging it ensure that it is completely surrounded with soft packaging such as shredded paper or waste cloth pieces.
  • When installing the idol in your home, make sure it is installed at a level higher than the floor and out of the reach of children.
  • Use minimal water when conducting your pooja.
  • When immersing the idol use a bucket much larger than the idol.
  • Place the idol in a bucket full of water and allow it to rest there until it has completely dissolved.
  • our the water and clay mix into your garden under a tree.

As in any hand made products small scratches during transportation are to be accepted as part of the product. These scratches can be easily repaired at home using a bit of turmeric or multani mitti or geroo.

Make sure you examine the idol completely before buying it from any one of our distributors. Idols once sold will not be exchanged.

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