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The Nallamalas (also known as the Nallamalla Range) are a section of the Eastern Ghats which expand mainly over Kurnool, Mahabubnagar, Guntur, Prakasam and Kadapa regions of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. They run in a nearly north-south positioning, similar to the Coromandel Coast for near to 430 km between the rivers, Krishna and Pennar. Its northern limitations are noticeable by the flat Palnadu basin while in the south it merges with the Tirupati hills. An incredibly old program, the mountains have been substantially endured and worn away over the years. The average elevation today is about 520 m which reaches 1100 m at Bhairani Konda and 1048 m at Gundla Brahmeswara. Both of these peaks are in a north westerly direction from the town of Cumbum. There are also many other peaks above 800 m

Climate :

The Nallamalas have a rather warm to hot environment throughout the season. Rain fall earnings about 90 cm and is focused in the months of the South West Monsoon (June–September). The fissured stones avoid any water from percolating underground and hence most of the discharge runs off as mountain streams to join the Gundlakamma River, the largest river to arise in these hills. Winters are mostly cool and dry with the average temperature around 25 degrees celsius.

These hills are almost completely covered with open jungle. Lack of water prevents the development of huge plants and the frequent plants includes Terminalia, Hardwickia and Pterocarpus. Farming is almost non available apart from separated areas near towns where subsistence agriculture is used. The Nallamala Jungles are probably the biggest expand of secure woodlands in South India apart from the Western Ghats and were particularly rich in game until the 1970s.A large part of the forest is a part of the Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve that has a viable tiger population. Leopard sightings too are not unusual. Many of the adventures of the popular wildlife writer, Kenneth Anderson are set in these forests.


A state highway and the Vijayawada-Guntakal line of the South Central Railway pass through the hills. The railway was first built by the Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway and is a feat of engineering, having 2 tunnels at Bogada and Chelama and a few viaducts, the most famous being the now abandoned Dorabavi Viaduct. The railway enters the hills at the Nandikama Pass near Cumbum Lake. The highway follows a zig zag alignment and thus avoids any tunnels. The primary exports of this region are forest produce like timber waste, honey and molasses.

Places of interest:

Srisailam on the River Krishna is the site of a large hydroelectric power project as also an ancient and much revered temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mahanandi temple and Ahobilam Nava Narsimha Temple's.

A stream descends down the Gundla Brahmeswara optimum and finishes in a wonderful fountain and holy share known as Nemaligundam (Peacock Pool). The Mallela Theertham fountain on the stream Krishna is also situated in this forest. The Cumbum Pond is one of Asia's oldest man created ponds and goes returning to the 15th century.This was designed by the Gajapati leaders of Orissa for irrigating about 420 km2 farmland by damming a filter starting between two adjacent mountains and later remodeled by king Vardarajamma of Vijayanagara empire in 16th.Century.

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