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Aba A cape put over the kurta or shirt.
Acha Pickles.
Achkan Man’s garment.
Adab Polite way of greeting.
Adab-Gah Appointed place of salutation in the court
Aftabchj Wash basin
Am Rules
Aiyat-j-Kursj Verse of the Throne — Quran, Chapter 11(255) — Sura
Al Baqara.
Alam A Standard, Banner, taken out in Muharram month, also given with titles
Alazniatu/ il/a Praise or Grace to Allah.
Anibarj Howdah - an open seat on an elephant
Anijr A prince, a nobleman
Amirul Uniara
Angarkha A loose upper garment, robe, cloak, man’s garment.
Apashi Light footwear of thin leather without thick sole.
Aqd-i.Njkah Marriage contract between man and women.
Aqiqa Shaving of head’s hair — first time of the new born
Ashrafi A gold coin, a Mohur.
Ashurkhan An enclosure built especially for celebrating the anniversary of the death of Imam Hasan and Imam Husain
Asaf Jali Nizam-ul-Mulk, the founder of the Asaf Jahi dynasty, received the title of Asaf Jah in 1724 from Emperor Muhammad Shah. The title was later conferred on Mir Nizam Ali Khan, the fourth son of Nizam-ul-Mulk, but subsequently it became the hereditary title of the rulers of Hyderabad,also known as the Nizams. Ashurkh ia: An enclosure built for observing solemn anniversaries, especially the martyrdom of Imam Hussain at Karbala.
Ashur Khana Badshahi A Qutb Shahi building erected by the founder of Hyderabad city in 1592. It was subsequently renovated by Nizam Au Khan Asaf Jah II, who granted a jagir of Rs. 12,000 for its maintenance. Its enamel tile work is older than the Imam Baras of Lucknow and can be compared to the enamel work in the fort at Lahore.
Assigned Districts In 1853 a treaty was concluded between the Nizam and he British whereby the district of Osmanabad and Raichur Doab along with l3erar were assigned to the latter.
Asami Shikmi Tenants at will. In the absence of any express contract, the tenure of the Asami Shikmi is takento run from one cultivating season to another, and is terminable by either side giving three months notice. An Asami Shikmi differs from a Shikmidar in that he pays rent to the pattadar apart from the assessment. He can become a Shikmidar if he has been a partner in the cultivation of the holding from the time it was first cleared or has been in uninterrupted occupation for 12 consecutive S/ears.
Al-Tamgha Jagirs The word Al-Tamgha’ signifies a revenue-free grant under the royal seal. It was a permanent, perpetual and hereditary grant. and the right or interest conveyed by it was not transferable by gift, sale, or bequest. In default of heirs, the grant reverts to the State. Ashrafi: A gold coin, a mohur.
Arz-Begi An officer appointed to receive and present petitions etc. to the ruhr. An usher
Aza-Khana-e-Zehra Located near the Salar Jung Museum, this mourning house was built in 1940 by Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII, in memory of his mother Zehra Begum.
Asman Garh This palace was built at the end of the last century by Nawab Asman Jah Bahadur, one of the Paigah nobles and Prime Minister of Hyderabad 1887-1892. It was used mainly as a rest-house during hunting in the Saroornagar area. At present the palace is used by the Birla Archaeological Museum

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