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Sadaka Allah Gift or charity in the name of Allah.
Sadr-i-Azam President of the Nizam’s Executive Council, equal to Prime Minister.
Sadrul Muham Minister.
Salani Greetings.
Saleem-Shahi Light footwear of thin leather without thick sole
Salgira Birthday
San’iasthans Estates of Hindu rajas and mahrajahs within the State of Hyderabad under the Nizam.
Sanad A grant, a diploma, a patent, document conferring on an individual emoluments, titles, privileges, offices, etc., under the seal
Sanchaq A ceremony one day before marriage
Sara pa Jewellery from head to foot — I 3 in type.
Sardeshniukh A Maratha levy of ten percent; office of head deshmukh or revenue officer.
Saree Women’s dress — long cloth of usually five metres wrapped over the lower limbs
Sarf-i-khas Privy purse, Nizam’s private estate, crown lands
Sarkar A district, a sub-division of a province
Sarkar-i-Aalj Government of the Nizam or Asaf Jahs
Sarpati A jewelled band with 5 or 7 panels
Sarpech Same as Sarpati but with the addition of Jugha-Turrah and Kalghi.
Satti Burning to death of a Hindu widow.
Sawar Horse rider, horse rank
Sehar Meal taken before dawn or morning prayers
Sehra A special set of flowers tied to the forehead of the bride-groom or the bride
Shab-i-Barat The night on which Fatiha in the name of the relatives who have died
Shab-i-Qadr Holy night between 2 1t and 27th of Ramazan. Usually 26th night is
Shab-i-Miraj The night on which the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) made journey to the heaven.
Shaluka Waistcoat.
Shanila Head-gear.
Shami Kabab Minced meat fried.
Shergola A type of rumi topi (Turkish origin)
Shias One of the two principals sects of Islam who maintain that Hazrat Au was the first legitimate Kha!ifah (Caliph), or successor to the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and, therefore, reject the first three therefore reject the first three caliphs
Shir baranj Sweet rice dish boiled in milk.
Sherwaini Knee length tunic.
Siddi Risala African cavalry.
Sipah Salar A general, commander, a commander-in-chief. Mughal provincial governor
Shirmal Special type of thick and soft bread baked in the oven
Subah Province.
Subedar Provincial governor.
Subedari Office of the subedar
Surniis The followers of the Sunnat (path) who acknowledge the first Four Caliphs — Abu Baker, Umar, Osman and Ali
Sura Verse from Ouran.
Sadr—i—Aiam President of the Nizam’s Executive Council. equal to Prime Minister.
Sadr-ul-Muham M mister
Sarf—e—Khas Office of the Nizam’s personal estate.
Subedar Viceroy or Provincial Governor
Sitarani Bagh Famous for its temple.
Saroor Nagar Built by one of the wives of Arastu .Jah. Six miles to the east of Charminar. It was a health resort and contains an old tank and royal game reserve, where the Nitams used to shoot black bucks and watch cheetah hunts
Sicca Coin
Siddi Risala African cavalry
Subedar Provincial governor
Shjkmjdarj Land where the occupant makes over the land to cultivators on certain terms. Such cultivators were known as shikmidars, and the could not he evicted so long as they fulfilled the terms of their agreement

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