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Taraf Subdivision of a district, tract of a country
Tarafdar Officer of the taraf
Talwar Sword
Taluga A district, a division of a province.
Taluqdar A collector of revenue from the taluqa
Tashanierfa Band.
Taslini Bisn’zi!Iah. Ceremony at the age of four years, four months and four days.
Tehsil A small division of a district
Thana A station, a police or military station, a garrison.
ThaHadar Officer in charge of thana
Thanadari Office of the Thanadar
Thuith A cursive script.
Tipoy Stool
Tirchi (topi) Tilted (cap).
Tora Special food prepared for a feast or festival
Tughra A calligraphic emblem.
Turrah A jewelled, round or star shaped, mount with stud. Gold thread stuck inverted on the Dastar of royal family of Nizams
Tahniat Mahal One of the four palaces in Chow Mahaila, the official residence of the Nizams. Named after Afzal-ud-I)aula, Asaf Jah V whose name was Mir Tahniat Ali Khan.
Tahniat Nagar (Lallaguda): A suburb of Hyderahad city
Taluqdar Officer in charge of a district.
Tahud or Sarbasta Prior to the introduction of the ryotwari system, the land revenue of the State together with certain other cesses such as ahkari (excise), mohtarfa (tax on professions), baghat (garden produce) sardarakti (tax on trees), amrai (mango fruit), Katai (cutting or reaping), haq-en aibana (Naib’s fees), mahsuldari (village collectors’ dues) and dumbaldari (fees for permission to thrash grain out of the husk) used to he farmed out to contractors who were generally wealthy and influential residents of the city. This system of farming was called tahud. If the revenues were farmed out to a Zamindar of the district as was frequently the case in Telangana, the transaction was termed Sarbasta or Bilmakta. The tahud or sarbasta tenure differed from pan-makhta in that in the latter case the amount levied was fixed by the Government once for all and the lease was in perpetuity, whereas in the former case the lease was for a specified number of years.
Taluqa Division of a district.
Titles Titles were conferred only by the Nizam on various nobles and it was regarded as a great honour and status symbol. These titles were generally given on the Nizam’s birthdays or on the occasion of some festivals. They were classified into the following categories. A title holder was addressed as Nawab

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