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Maashdar Recipient of allowance or subsistence allowance
Madrasa School
Madras-i Aaliya : Nobles school.
Mafia! Palace, mansion
Maher Promise of money paid to the bride by the bridegroom as per the Muslim law.
Maghrib Evening prayer at sunset
Mahaldar District Officer, office of the estate or the palace
Mahbub Beloved.
Mahbub Pasha Beloved king (Mir Mahbub Au Khan Nizam VI)
Maj!is Meeting.
Malida Sweet semolina with dried fruits.
Ma/ma A type of fine cotton cloth,
Manja A sitting ceremony five days before marriage, etc.
Mangni Engagement.
Mansab Rank conferred by the Mughal emperors and the Nizams and regulated honorarium and the number of horses the holders was to maintain.
Mansabdar Holder of niansab or rank
Mansabdari System of niansab grant
Mashata Matchmaker.
Masnad A decorated carpet embroidered with gold threads and with cushion of satin.
Mehndi Application of vegetable-paste which leaves palms of hands, foot yellow/red after removal
Mihrab A niche or recess at the centre of the wall of masjid where the Imam leads the prayer
Miiad-un-Nabi Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H.) birthday 12th Rabi I.
Minar Tower
Minara A type of runli topy (Turkish origin).
Mir-i -Ad ii Chief Justice.
Mom-ui-Mu ham Assistant ministers.
Morchal A fan of peacock’s feathers. An emblem of royalty.
Muhallahs Precincts.
Muharrani The first month of the Muslim Hijrah calendar.
Mukhtar-u/-MuIk Prime Minister, one invested with the full and absolute power of the country (Mu/k).
Munib Deputy
Munsif A judge.
Murabba Vegetable conserve, usually sweet.
Musallas Prayer space.
Mushajjar Very costly cloth with gold threads and floral designs, etc.
Mutanja Dish of meat, sugar, rice with spices
Muzafar A special rice dish.
Mahipat Ram, Raja (at first in the service of Maqbul Au Khan, the .4rzbegi to Mir Nizam Au Khan Asaf Jah II, afterwards appointed as a Wakil of M. Raymond, was present at Kharda, gained favour of the Nizam and became Khan-Saman: enjoyed Jagir, etc. During the reign of Sikander Jah he was the cause of dissension between the Nizam and the Diwan Mir Alam, was sent to Berar as Taluqdar of Mir Alam and later to the Shahpur fort, where he began to cause disturbance, and was killed in the skirmish with the British troops sent to punish him).
Madras—i-Aliya Nobles’ school
Mansabdari System of Mansab Grant
Mir-i-AdI Chief .Justice
Moin-uI-N’Iuham Assistant minister
Mukhtar-uI-Mulk Literally, one invested with the full power of the Mulk or State, community. Title of Salar Jung I as Prime Minister
Madarul Muham Prime Minister, Diwan
Maiisabdar Originally, the holder of a Mansah, or military rank of a certain number of horses with an obligation to furnish troops (Later the obligation was not enforced)
Masnad The seat of a ruler, a throne. Mansab : Office, status, or rank conferred by the Mughal Emperor and regulated by honorarium and the number of horses which the holder of the title was required to bring into the field. The mansab was from 400 to 30.000, the number of horses varying from 10 to 10,000. .Jagirs were assigned for the maintenance of this force, which was in the highest and lowest grades, rather nominal than real. In later days the mansab and sawars became nominal and no such obligation remained.
Mela A fair
Munshi—Khana When Sir Salar Jung I replaced the old system of farming land and revenue by posts of Taluqdars to collect revenue and administer other connected matters, this l)aftar, along with the Accountant General’s ollice, came into being to maintain official correspondence and issue administrative orders and instructions to the Taluqdars for the discharge and execution ol their tunctions and duties, which were similar to the work done by the present Revenue I)epartment. In 1939 this Daftar was transferred to the l)aftar—i—I)iwani from the custody of the Accountant (ieneral’s ollice.
Mashrooti Jagirs were granted br the performance of some definite service, civil, military, or religious service, and were continued only so long as the conditions of the grant were fulfilled. Madad Mash Jagirs: were granted either as the sole means of maintenance of the donee. who could be the holder of mashrooti grants, or as a supplement to his other means of livelihood
Manjli Begum. Flaveli One of the palaces in Khilwat (Chow Mahalla) hich contains the ancestral Gaddi of the Nizams. Mecca Masjid: The cathedral mosque of Hyderabad city constructed by Muhammad Quli Quth Shah in 1617. It is 225 x 180 ft. 75 ft high. Ten thousand people can easily pray in it at one time. In the courtyard Asaf .Jah II an(I the other Nizams and some of the prominent members of the family are buried. Metcalfe: Charles Tehophilis, (Sir) horn at Calcutta, .Jan, 30; 1785 entered Fast India Company’s service in 1801; first student of the College of Fort William: served in various capacities in the Political Dept; Resident at Flvd. 1820: had to deal with the case of the banking firm of Palmer & Co.. became l3aronet 1822; afterwards Resident at Delhi, Member of the Supreme Council, acting Governor-General, Lt. Governor of N.W.F.P. Governor of Madras, Privy Councillor, Governor-General of Canada: made a Peer in 1845; His titles were Sawiat Jung, Muntazim-ud—Daula Mukhtar ul Mulk.
Mubari, Khan Appointed as Suhedar of l-lyderahad by Emperor Muhammad Shah: opposed Asaf Jah I and declared himself the Subedam of Deccan. Asaf Jah I defeated him in a battle and he was killed on 17th October, 1724.

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