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Jagir Fief, assignment of land for revenue collection
Jagirdar Holder of a fief.
Jagirdari System of revenue assignment
Jagir-i-Sarkar Lands or estate of the Sarkar (Nizam)
Jahiar Lace.
Jail Lattice screen.
Jalva Showing bride to (arsi mashaf) the bridegroom and vice versa after the nikah
Jania Collarless shirt
Janiadar The chief or leader of a number of persons.
Jigha A pear-shaped ornament
lode Set of thick bangles made of lac or other material with glass pieces affixed.
Juda Bunch of women’s hair tugged with long hair pins.
Julus Sitting - accession to the throne. Regnal year.
Julus Mainianat Lucky year of accession to the throne.
Jumagi Celebrations on the consecutive five Fridays (Junia) after marriage.
Juniper A type of shirt
Juti Slippers
Jalpalli A suburb of Hyderabad, a few miles to the south where there is an old reservoir which was the source of drinking water to Hyderabad city.
Julus Maimanat Lucky year of accession to the throne.
Jagir A jagir is a free grant of one or more villages as a reward for some e(nspicuous service rendered, or simply to maintain the status and dignity of the grantees
Jatra A pilgrimage performed by Hindus, when the main deity of the temple is taken out in a chariot or palanquin with all pomp and pageantry

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