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Rakabdar Chef (Chief cook.)
Rajpraniukh Constitutional head of State.
Razakars Volunteers.
Riyasat Country, State
Roza Koshai Fasting of Ramazan.
Ruhnuniai Sighting or seeing of the boy or girl with the intention of marriage
Runii Topi Cape with Turkish origin
Rao Rambha, Raja Jewant Bahadur, son of Raja Anand Rao Bahadur; held jagirs, a favourite at the court of Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II, took an active part in the battle of Kharda against the Marathas. A person famous for his brave deeds, conferred with many honours. His private quarrels were settled by Raja Chandu Lil in 1235 H.
Raymond, Mons Mithel Joachim Marie, son of a French merchant. B.l755. He served under Hyder Au and Tipu Sultan and was introduced in Mir Nizam Ali Khan’s service by Bussy. Organized 15,000 troops under European officers. Present at the defeat of the Nizam at Kharda. Suppressed Ali Jah’s revolt. Favourite of Ni,am Ali Khan who honoured him with the titles of Aihdar .Jung Athdar ud—Daula, M uthawar— ul—M ulk. d. 1798 buried on a mound near Asmangarh.
Russell, Henry, Sabit Jung born May 27, 1783; son of Sir Henry Russell. Chief Justice of Bengal: Assistant Secretary to the Resident at ilvderahad, 1800 officiating Resident at Poona. 1809 Resident at llvderahad 1811 1820: received the title of Sahit Jung. proceeded to 1uropc 1820.
Rajpramukh Constitutionil head of State

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