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Khada Vertical standing
Kaii Chabutra Black platform
Khansanian A house steward
Khansaniani Office of the house steward.
Kanthi An ornament for the neck of two strings of pearls with a big emerald or ruby in the centre, with two big pearls on either side
Karchobi (topi) Gold threaded (cap)
Karkhanajat Workshops.
Katar Weapon, Stiletto
Khalsa Crown lands.
Khanieez Shirt.
Khan A title borne by the nobles, especially when of Persian or Pathan descent. It is also a common adjunct to Afghan or Pathan names.
Khan Khanan Lord of lords, title of big nobleman
Khana A house, dwelling, a place.
Khanqah Residence of a holy person or saint
Khasa Meal.
Khas dan Betel box
Khilwat Privacy. Nizam’s palace.
Khinikhab Silk cloth embroidered with gold and silver threads and tinted with diverse colours
Khir Chatai First taste of sweetness.
Khirkidar Having an opening
Khuda Allah, God.
Khulcha Loaf, special thick bread baked in the oven.
Khurta Shirt.
Khutba Serman in the mosque delivered on Friday and on the two l’ds
Khutna Circumcision.
Khwan Tray
Kotwai Chief officer of police.
Karwan The Qutb Shahi Caravansarai to the west of Hyderabad city on the road to Golconda fort
Kharda A town in the Jamkhed taluqa of Ahmednagar district, Bombay, 56 miles southeast of Ahmednagar city. In 1795, an engagement took place near it between the Marathas and Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah II where the latter having been defeated, retreated to Kharda. Kharda belonged to Nimbalkar, one of the Nizam’s Maratha nobles.

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