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Gaddah Big cushions
Gonibaz Dome.
Gare Cushion.
Ghadi Minutes
Gautakkiya Barrel-shaped cushion
Ghats Mountain range.
Giarween Ghaus-i-Azam’s anniversary — j1th Rabi II.
Gulathis Rice pudding
Gaddi The seat ot rank or royalty. The throne. It is a mattress with semic ircular cushion at the back and two oval-shaped cushions on either side. These are of plain cloth, generally white. The Niiarn’s Gaddi is yellow. The same thing when made of velvet and embroidered is called Masnad. (;hari: A measure of time, a term for twenty—four minutes, it is one—sixtieth part of a day and night.
Garden of Goverdhan Das Near Asifnagar in between Hyderabad city and Golconda. (;osha Mahal: Built by Abdullah Quth Shah in 1673.
Golconda Fort Golconda,, the ancient capital of the Qutb Shahi kings and the seat of the provincial governors of the still earlier Kakativas, has been famous on account of its diamond mines which are exhausted now. The town fell into comparative insignificance after the foundation of its rival Hyderahad in 1589. Golconda still has a hill fort, the walls and bastions of which are built of large blocks of masonry, some of them weighing several tons. The gates are studded with iron wrought into various fanciful devices and huge sharp--pointed spikes which were intended to prevent elephants from battering them in. Formerly there were eight gates, and the most important now are the Fateh Darwaza, through which the Mughal forces, after their victory in 1687, entered the fort, and the Banjara by which the visitor generally passes when proceeding from the fort to the tombs of the Qutb Shahi kings. Inside the fort besides the remains of old Quth Shahi buildings, there is a group of palaces called the Nau Mahalla. these are comparatively modern, having been built by the earlier Nizams; but their plans are very artistic, and they must have looked very beautiful when the gardens all round were in a flourishing condition. 1 he elevation of the fort is 120 mIs. and the circumference of the outer fort wall is 7 km containing 8 gates and 87 bastions each rising to a height of about 15 to 18 mts. There is a ditch around the outer fortified wall and all the bastions were mounted with guns rendering the fort one of the strongest of the mediaeval forts of the Deccan. The town of Golconda situated within was one of the most splendid of cities well known for its extensive trade in diamonds and other gems, of which mention is made by Marco Polo. The layout of the palaces shows the unique planning within the citadel of the fort. An interesting feature is that the echo of handclapping at the main entrance below is audible even on the top of the citadel located on the peak of the hillock. It is believed that it was deliberately contrived to convey to the topmost guards any message regarding visiting personalities. Gulbarga: Capital of the Bahmani kingdom from its foundation to the death of Feroi Shah Bahinani. It has the tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Barida Nawaz. Now headquarters of the district.

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